Top 5 Website Design Tutorials for Online Learning

Everyone will tell you that web design is only learned by practicing, no matter who you ask. You’ll only need to know the fundamentals before you begin. Online website design tutorials are the perfect place for you to start. You have a lot of choices, from free video classes to paid interactive website design tutorials. There is so much content that choosing the right one becomes difficult.

5 Best Website Design Tutorials

That’s why, to help you pick the best one, we bring you this article. Following are some of the best places to find website design tutorials.

  • Treehouse tutorials:

The first on the list is TreeHouse. It is an excellent site that offers hundreds of video-based web design tutorials. It has more to offer than just web designing. Provides tutorials for leaving web development, mobile development, game development, etc. All these videos can be found for beginners to advanced levels. These videos are professional, shot-making their quality excellent. This high-quality class is constantly updated, considering the new emerging technologies. It means that they stay up to date and release new content weekly.

It can be challenging to motivate yourself to complete the course when learning at your own pace. That’s why Treehouse has devised a clever way to overcome this hurdle.

Treehouse makes you take interactive quizzes and challenges after watching a video. It ensures that you understand it correctly. If you pass the quizzes, you will receive badges that appear on your profile. This method motivates you to keep learning.

  • Coursera tutorials

Coursera provides you with an experience like a traditional college out of all the website design tutorials on this list. This is because they provide accredited college courses. They enable you to register in online degree programs at institutions worldwide.

Coursera is massive and covers a wide range of topics including ecommerce website development and design. Professional professors from renowned universities give classes on Coursera. However, just because they do not excel solely in web design does not imply that their classes are flawed. And lastly, you can also find classes in various languages.

  • YouTube web design tutorials

Another excellent site for website design tutorials is YouTube. It is a fantastic place for learning about almost anything. And that includes web design, web development, UX, and UI. YouTube has a lot of diverse videos from web design experts who share their knowledge and experience. No matter what you want to learn about web design, you can find tutorials on YouTube about it. And the great thing about it is that learning on YouTube comes free of cost. It is highly recommended for beginners or people looking for an everyday learning experience.

  • Pluralsight web design tutorials

Although much of its content is from a few years ago, Pluralsight is still one of the most popular and highly rated web design tutorial sites. Pluralsight divides courses into 5-minute chunks. It also allows you to download the videos and watch them later.

Pluralsight, in particular, excels in responsive website design tutorials. There are a lot of courses here that can help you learn more about web design for mobile devices. There are more courses available here. They also provide interactive web design tutorials to Premium members.

  • Udemy web design tutorials

Another one of the most reputable names in web design tutorials is Udemy. It is the first choice for designers interested in learning a new topic or skill. It is because they offer a pay-as-you-go model instead of subscribing for memberships. You have to purchase individual courses.

They also have a rating system under their courses. It allows you to see what courses are worthwhile. It is a good feature because there are many courses on Udemy to choose from.


It is never too late to learn new skills. With the list above, find the best Website tutorial and make your dream come true. Be an expert, provide web design services in UK, and make a good income.

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