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The conquer of the heavenly faction; Useful Information

This article covers information about “the conquer of the heavenly faction.” It is too confusing to illustrate because people cannot find enough information about “the conquer of the heavenly faction.” Therefore, if you are also one of those who are confused about this topic, you are in the right place.

The conquer of the heavenly faction Overview.

The conquer of the heavenly faction or the conquest of Heaven is a book. The defeat of the holy section is also renowned as “The conquest of heaven.”

The conquer of the heavenly faction is a psychological fiction related to demonic history. Feral House published the conquest of Heaven in the year 2021. An English book contains general and humorous topics.


General Information about the Conquest of Heaven faction

Namethe conquer of the heavenly faction
Title NameThe Conquest of Heaven
Published byFeral House
FormatTrade paperback
Height0.7 inch
Length10 inch
Width7 inch
GenrePhycology, Comedy, and Fiction
AuthorMartin Olson
Publishing Year2021



It is the story of Satan, who hates God and wants to defeat God. After the defeat of the unimportant Earth and the intake of the human race, Lord Satan celebrates his success. After doing this, Satan’s Lord thinks that he needs to travel in the depth of the Universe to explore the dissipated lord of Earth. He feels more than he will explore God and take his place after defeating him. He thinks about how he will overthrow God and becomes the only emperor of the whole Universe.

However, severe complications and difficulties rapidly grow all around. Satan’s horns and claws become weak and breakable when exposed to the sun, and his underpart breakdown. A hypnotic named “Debbie” encourage the foolish king of hatred incorrectly. Now the lord Satan will face Obliviousness when he tries to enter the complex library of Heaven from which he cannot find any space to exit.

However, when the hellish army arrives in Heaven to explore the lord Satan and overthrow Heaven, they find out a troublesome secret instead. The Conquest of the Heaven Encyclopedia is a shocking tour of Heaven, full of absurdity, mystery, and fear. It contains the secrets thieved by God’s library, including the secrecy and reason behind the creation of Satan.


The conquest of Heaven is an antique book that is a duplicate of the actual book and a reprint of the original text. As it is an old book, it may contain deficiencies like marks, notation, and flawed pages. In this book, everything magical thing related to the history of Satan and the hellish army is mentioned. Moreover, it contains secrets that are thieved from God’s library.


Martin Olson is the author of the conquer of the heavenly faction or The Conquest of Heaven. He is one of the most renowned comedians around. Olson is famous around Hollywood as one of the pleasant and hardworking comedy writers.

His comedy skills made him a brand among other comedy writers and made him famous all around the world. His newly arrived book, “Encyclopedia of Hell,” contains a roadmap of the demonic Invasion of Earth. He becomes famous due to the sequel of the fiction “The conquest of heaven,” in which Satan tries to get the authority of the Whole Universe by replacing God.


Satan is not an easy person to describe and familiarize. However, the conquerors of the heavenly faction contain everything about Satan, his history, the reason behind his creation, and his efforts of taking place the God to get the authority of the Whole Universe.

The writer wonderfully covers everything about the topic and describes every magical thing that Satan claimed to defeat God.

When was the conquest of Heaven Published?

The Conquest of Heaven was published in 2021. It is a physiological fiction that contains the secretes thieved from God’s library by Satan. This book describes the history of satan and the hellish army in detail and tells about the dreams and efforts of Satan to overthrow God to get the authority of the whole Universe.

It is a sequel and a duplicate of the actual book. Therefore, it may contain some mistakes, misguidance, and wrongness.

Who is the Writer of the Conquest of Heaven?

Martin Olson is the writer of the book, an Encyclopedia that contains information about the demonic history of Satan. It also describes the history of Satan’s efforts to take the place of God, the big creator of the Universe.

Who is the Publisher of the Conquest of Heaven?

Feral house is the Publisher of this Encyclopedia. It gets popularity among people because it contains mystery, suspense, and secrets that Satan thieved from the Library of God, according to some people’s thoughts. Conquest of Heaven is a physiological fiction containing the Demonic Earth’s history.

How many pages does the conquest of Heaven contain?

The encyclopedia of Hell: the conquest of Heaven contains 224 pages. Every page of this book has mystery and makes people suspicious for the next page. The things mentioned and described in the book are not based on reality. It is one of the funniest books of its time.

In which language the conquest of Heaven is written.

The conquest of Heaven is a book that is written in the English language. It is an English comedy book. It is one of the funniest books of its time, which contain suspense and humor.


The conquer of the heavenly faction is an old fiction. It is republished as The Conquest of Heaven. The beat of the cosmic section is a comic book in which the author inscribed the invasion of demonic Earth.

In this fiction, the author also describes the efforts of Satan that he made to overthrow God. I hope the information mentioned in this article will be helpful for you. At the end of this discussion, I hope you understand better about this topic.

The conquer of the heavenly faction; Useful Information

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