Roll a d100: All you need to know

Stuck somewhere in deciding one out of hundred things? Or a random number from one to a hundred? No worries, roll d100 is here for you. Most people are familiar with the traditional six-sided dice, usually used for playing ludo games, but a majority of them haven’t ever seen a dice with hundred faces, and for them, there’s a complete description of such a dice here along with the rules defined.

Roll a d100 is usually used in table-top roleplaying games. It may be a single dice with a hundred sides or two dices with 10 sides, one of which is counted in multiples tens (00-90) i.e. percentile dice, and the other one is labeled with single-digit numbers (0-9) commonly known as the d10 dice. However, a single d100 is less efficient than that with two dices in case of time. It takes a lot of time for a single roll d100 to stop at a particular point and display the desired number.

The basic working of the second type is described as follows:

The right way to roll a d100:

A number of different ways exist to devise the required result from rolling a d100, however the basic and the most common one is to roll any of the two dices, say the percentile one, and store the output for later use. The next step is to roll the other one i.e. d10 and add the result of it to the previous one. For example, the number generated from the first dice is 80 and 9 from the other dice, the final result will be a sum of these two digits i.e. 89.

In another case, the first attempt gives fifty (50) and the other one zero (0). So, in your opinion, what should be the answer? Fifty, right? And that’s what common sense suggests but this might not be the situation here. If we keep on ignoring 00 and 0 due to their value in mathematics we may never reach to hundred which violates the basic idea of roll d100. It will simply become a random number generator from zero to ninety (0-90). However, to resolve the conflict a rule is defined that states that the value of 00 is actually considered zero whereas, that of 0 from single-digit dice is considered as ten(roll d10). Therefore, the result of fifty and zero will not be fifty (50) but sixty (60). Keeping the same rule in mind, a hundred will be formed with the pair, ninety and zero.

Avoid violation of basic rules of Roll d100?

Some people might use other approaches that may include the one where 00 is considered as 100. What changes do you think would be made to avoid violation of the basic rules of d100? Obviously, the first and the foremost step should be to downgrade the value of zero from ten to zero again. If it doesn’t happen, and we get a pair of 00 and 0, it will result in 100+10=110. Is 110 in the range? Wouldn’t it be wrong?

Therefore, we need to shift the values according to the approach we are taking. In this case, if we get 00 for the first time, we need to stop rolling. Further as we have already got the maximum value i.e. hundred. What if we roll the d10 first and get seven (7) on it and then 00 arrives on the throw of percentile dice, logically it should result in a 107 number. But in that case, we won’t be considering the first number i.e. seven. So in either case, if 00 arrives, the other value is discarded.


Pretty complex? Not actually. But still, the easier approach that can be adopted is to use the single d100 dice if you have a lot of extra time. However, to make it time-efficient, the tech geeks have already provided us with a very feasible solution i.e. virtual d100. It is just a click away and you get your resultant random number. Well, that still has no effect on the luck, it is entirely based upon your good or in some cases bad luck.

However, chance stands its companion, either you win, if it’s your chance. Or you may get the result that might result in a situation. Where you do not want to play the game ever again, only if you lack sportsmanship. But to experience all the situations, all you need to have is the right dice.

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