Lego Minecraft: Is there a Lego version of Minecraft?

Lego Minecraft: Is there a Lego version of Minecraft?


Minecraft is one of the most popular games and many people all over the world play it. It provides a fun source for people and people can enjoy their leisure time with the help of such games. Games are also a source of passing time with a pleasant mood and it is a source of getting enjoyment and fun. Minecraft is popular among people of almost all age groups but it is especially common among children and teenagers. Especiallyteenager likes to play this incredible and technical game. There are many versions of this game and every version has its own unique theme. Lego Minecraft is also a version of Minecraft and it is a very amusing version with many new and unique characteristics.


In this article, we will explore Lego Minecraft in detail and if you are looking for information about Legominecraft then this article is helpful for you. Read this article from start to its end to know about Lego Minecraft in detail.


Lego Minecraft is a special and unique version of Minecraft.


It is a Lego-themed game which is created on the idea of the sandbox video game. Lego-themed means, it is a product line of Lego toy production and the Lego production group builds it. It is totally produced on a central concept and has unique features. This Lego theme is firstly presented in the world in the year 2012.

Since its production, there are many versions, which are introduced in this game, and there are many themes which are introduced in this video game. it consists of three major types of sets which are named LEGO Micro World sets, LEGO Minifigure scale sets and the third is LEGO Bigfigure sets. Every set contains four building blocks and each building block consists of 6×6 buttons in size. These days, only LEGO Minifigure scale sets are in manufacture.

One Minecraft block is shown as a 2×2 brick in the game and has a tile on top. LEGO states declared that this is not an absolute cube but it is the best one, which is produced at the chosen scale.


All about the set of LEGO Minecraft


The first set of LEGO Minecraft is Micro World set, which revolves around the player who is “Steve” and it; also consists of a game’s opponent named “Creeper.” the scene is represented in an overworld and has a good theme. It also showed some biomes consisting of highlands, hollow lands, woodlands, and grasslands. The village-themed set is based on a village or village environment and a Mineshaft, which is an underground structure. this game consists of brick-like blocks that are used in building houses and the set also contains a Pig, village residents (Villagers), and zombie characters.


The Nether is the unnatural representation of “Nether” which is a harmful aspect containing harmful elements such as Lava ocean, lava river flooding down from the high lands or hills, a nether forest, and a nether portal to attach with the Overworld. It also contains two ghosts and one zombie figure. The End is the unnatural representation of the “End” which also consist of strange things such as Ender Dragon, six obsidian pillars which have an ender crystal at the top, an existing end portal to exit that world, and an endermen.


The genuine LEGO Minecraft


The normal and the genuine LEGO Minecraft sets have many interesting features and themes by which people can get endless entertainment and can enjoy different parts of Minecraft. There are many different and interesting features in LEGO Minecraft, which contains Steve, Alex, other players, and a mob. Such as, “The Cave” represents a cave in the LEGO Minecraft having different minerals and mobs. “The Farm” represents a farm, which contains one cow, one sheep, and a skeleton.

“The First Night” represents a simple home in LOGO Minecraft or a farm, which contain a pig and a creeper. All the themes and versions are provided a natural environment for the player, which makes this game interesting and amusing for players. A player can build a house with blocks, and fight with enemies and hurdles, representing decoration and mobs that are important to create a natural environment for players so, that players can totally relate to the environment and do not get boredom.


It is one of the most famous games and it is a source of getting endless entertainment and fun for people. People can relate to the natural environment provided in this game. It gives a natural look and looks too much interesting.

Players can buy new and genuine versions of LEGO Minecraft from the “Jinx Website” and from LEGO Minecraft provides fun, adventure, and thrill to the players and in this game, players can build their houses with the help of blocks and encounter their enemies and hurdles as in natural life to which players can relate. It gives fun, fun, and fun to players. The fun is never ended when you play this game.


List of Sets


Number Name Pieces
21102-1 Minecraft: Micro

World: The Forest

21105-1 The Village 466
21106-1 The Nether 469
21107-1 The End 440
21113-1 The Cave 249
21114-1 The Farm 262
21115-1 The First Night 408
21116-1 Crafting Box 518
21117-1 The Ender Dragon 634
21118-1 The Mine 922
21119-1 The Dungeon 219
21120-1 The Snow Hideout2014 327
21121-1 The Desert 2014Outpost 519
21122-1 The Nether Fortress 571
21123-1 The Iron Golem 208
21124-1 The End Portal 559
21125-1 The Jungle Tree House 706
21126-1 The Wither 318
21127-1 The Fortress 984
21128-1 The Village 1600
21129-1 The Mushroom Island 247
21130-1 The Nether Railway 387
21131-1 The Ice Spikes 454
21132-1 Jungle Temple 598
21133-1 The Witch Hut 502
21134-1 The Waterfall Base 702
21135-1 The Crafting Box 2.0 717
21136-1 The Ocean Monument 1122
21137-1 The Mountain Cave 2863
21138-1 The Melon farm 69
21139-1 The Nether Fight 84
21140-1 The Chicken Coop 198
21141-1 The Zombie cave 241
21142-1 The Polar Igloo 278
21143-1 The Nether Portal 470
21144-1 The Farm Cottage 549
21145-1 The Skull Arena 198
21146-1 The Skeleton Attack 457
21147-1 The Bedrock Adventure 654
21148-1 Minecraft Steve BigFig with Parrot 159
21149-1 Minecraft Alex BigFig with Chicken 160
21150-1 Minecraft Skeleton BigFig with magma Cube 142
21151-1 The End Battle 222
21152-1 Pirate Ship 386
21153-1 The Wool Farm 260
21154-1 The Blaze Bridge 372
21155-1 The Creeper and Ocelot 834
21156-1 BigFig Creeper and Ocelot 184
21157-1 BigFig Pig with baby Zombie 159
21158-1 The Panda Nursery 204
21159-1 The Pillager Outpost 303
21160-1 The Illager Raid 562
21161-1 The Crafting Box 3.0 564
21162-1 The Taiga Adventure 74
30393-1 Steve and Creeper Set 36
30394-1 The Skeleton Defense 31
853609-1 Skin Pack 25
853610-1 Skin Pack 28
MINECON-1 Steve 19


Lego Minecraft is one of the most famous games in the world. It consists of many themes and versions and each theme or version is different from the previous one. the first “Micro World” sets consist of a gathering of four scenes that are joined together and can be reordered by which two having the detachable surface with caves and caves also containing ores, underground streams, and a Minecraft track. It also consists of characters, which are referred to by the Lego, as Micromobs and that can be movable around the Lego.

Later some new sets were built which consist of brick-built locations and it looks too simple. Thebrick and blocks make the based plates. The type of these sets is Minifigure scale and has custom molds on the top of the character and at certain parts. Lego Minecraft looks too natural and provides the best fun source to players all over the world.


Development of Lego Minecraft


The Lego Minecraft was p1`roduced in 2012 and after its production; it gets popularity among people all over the world. It is one of the best games and it is highly demanded all over the world due to which it has many versions and different themes. The themes are natural in that players can build houses, fight with enemies, and have fun. It consists of three types of sets, which are mentioned below.



When people are looking about the beginning of Minecraft then they can find out the fact that it is starting stage and set is Microworlds. The early and first Micro-world set was introduced on June 6, 2012. It was the first Lego Minecraft. On July 17, 2013, it was declared that the company had decided to add two more Micro-world sets in the theme, which was based on the “Nether” and “Village” areas in the Lego Minecraft. The last Micro-world set, which was “The End,” was introduced in the summer of 2014.



Minifigures are also a type of sets of Lego Minecraft. It was introduced in the year 2014. It consisted of Creepers, mine cart, and sheep. The game has a total of six themes, which are the First Night, The Mine, The Ender Dragon, Crafting Box, The farm, and the cave and it was introduced from November to December 2014. There are a total of 43 Minifig-scale, which are released one by one.



It is the final and third type of Lego Minecraft which are big brick-built figures consisting of Minecraft mobs. It was introduced in 2019.



Lego Minecraft is one of the best games in the world, which people like to play. People like to play Lego Minecraft due to its natural theme and relation with the theme of the game. We can say that people can find out the best fun source by playing Lego Minecraft. People can enjoy the different versions with different themes and can get entertainment with it. It provides a natural look.

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