Is dynasty warriors gundam reborn pc Worth the hype?

Gundam Warriors is a 2007 video game based on the Gundam animated series, initially released in Japan under the name Gundam Warriors. Developed by Omega Force and published by Namco Bandai Games. The gameplay is derived from the acclaimed New Three Kingdoms Warriors and Sengoku Warriors series. The game includes over 120 units, new gameplay elements, and a revival of space warfare. The game was released for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in Japan on December 19, 2013, July 27 in Europe, and July 1 in North America. In this article, we read how Is dynasty warriors gundam reborn pc Worth the hype?

What’s the Game About?

The first “Mobile Suit Gundam” depicts the adventures of humankind beyond the stars against the backdrop of the future virtual world. As their range expanded, colonies formed, and tensions began to take root. The military alliance, known as the Principality of Zeon, has urged an independence war against the Earth Federation. This clash will soon tear the galaxy apart.


Except for minor visual upgrades and new levels, characters, and game modes, KOEI’s original Dynasty Warriors Gundam reborn pc hasn’t changed much since its release in 2007. Like all the games in the developer’s long-running series, Reborn usually revolves around large-scale battles. Fight hundreds of enemies and players at once.

But instead of breaking and destroying ancient China, Reborn uses the cult’s classic Gundam Saga as a foil. In the official mode of the game, players are free to recreate the six stories of the anime from the beginning. This happens through a series of cutscenes, character conversations, and the battle itself.

But to see this story unfold, we need to look closely at the game’s recurring missions. As in other Dynasty Warriors games, players move from one side of the battlefield to the other, killing enemies along the way and capturing bases. Sadly, respawn doesn’t deviate from that formula and doesn’t incentivize players to return.

The same goes for the game itself. If you mix light and heaviness, your K.O count will skyrocket if you sit back comfortably and watch. Armed attacks and new burst gauges offer combat versatility but rarely break this old monotony. We recommend avoiding the game’s easy difficulty settings at least once. While doing the Gundam Ribbon, I could sit down and multitask. In the worst case, the pilot’s health is less than 90%.

Dynasty warrior’s combat brand

However, labeling a dynasty warrior’s combat brand as poor is inaccurate. Indeed, the series’ iconic gameplay is repetitive, but as fans know, there is plenty of depth and nuance to find. For example, during gameplay, players can find new parts for their mobile suits, add them to their current loadout, and increase stats like speed and damage. Side Objectives reward hardworking pilots with the game’s new characters in a rich assortment.

The game contains six campaigns throughout the history of the Gundam universe. You will fly Amuro Ray and the first Gundam RX-78-2 Gundam in the first campaign. The rest happens in its own universe, up to the movement of the unicorn throughout the Universal Century. This adds continuity and versatility to the game. Once you get tired of the Universe Century, you can play with Gundam’s enemies. Dynasty Warriors games are always abundant, and the Gundam Reborn is no exception.


The game has two modes: Campaign / Official Mode and Ultimate Mode. The campaign / official mode is straightforward. You can play (the above-mentioned) 6 campaigns, which are short stories of anime. Ultimate Mode is a mode in which you can select Gundam from any universe, complete missions, earn bonuses, and unlock other Gundam characters, items, and more.

Official Mode

Official modes other than Z.Z. are back. The issues added to this title are SEED, SEED DESTINY, and Unicorn. It now contains various cutscenes to return the stitch shots and continuity of the original anime. In contrast to static text narration, there is a voice character conversation outside the battle using graphical backgrounds and character portraits. The music in this mode duplicates the same song used in the original series. To unlock multiple ace pilots in the ultimate mode, you need to unlock this mode.


Ultimate Mode

This model includes a series of crossover stories and tribute missions that have nothing to do with the official mode. All levels are assigned based on a particular topic. The length of each set of scenes is different. Except for players who appear as enemies, players are free to choose who they want and who they want. Each level will receive a bonus goal and 3 medals (gold, silver, and bronze). Completing this mode unlocks new pilots, partners, and M.S. Multiplayer (both options) is possible. Still, online collaboration via the SOS system can only be performed if one player has already completed the selected stage.


Like all previous Dynasty Warriors games, the combat system consists of simple commands such as melee, shooting, dashing, and special attacks. However, you can develop a neat configuration with simple commands. The game also introduces a new system called “burst mode.” This will increase the power of the mobile suit and allow you to perform more powerful special attacks.

The game includes RPG-like features such as an upgrade system. Defeat enemies and complete quests to increase your character level. In addition, you can equip an “upgrade plan” that improves the attributes of the M.S. currently in use. You can also combine two or several into one to improve the statistics for a single “upgrade plan.”

In addition to the leveling system, the game has a “skill system” that equips the character with skills for better results after a battle or mission. Not all characters have the same skill, but everyone has the skills to benefit from. You can also use team points to increase the effectiveness of each skill.


Dynasty warriors gundam reborn pc provides enough content related to the original. This is a great game that guides you through the critical story points of the entire animation. If you don’t enjoy the genre but are passionate about the franchise, you may be satisfied with the content. However, there are better Gundam games out there for you.

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