Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Scooty For A Woman

The automobile sector in India is one of the largest sectors in the world. Scooters are the favorite mode of transport among the Indians. 80% of the Indian market is dominated by scooters. A scooty is lightweight, swift, and most useful. It is budget-friendly which makes it best-buy for a woman or even for a man. Choosing the best scooty in India for women is not an easy task. That’s why we covered this topic. Here, we’ve listed the important factors you should consider before buying scooty for a woman.

Tips To Consider Before Buying A Scooty For A Woman

Below, we’ve compiled a list of tips to consider when buying a scooty for your wife.

1- Scooty Under Budget

People prefer scooty because it is cheap as compared to bikes. After determining your bank account, monthly income, savings, and identifying your affordability to buy a scooter, you can purchase a scooty from a renowned brand. If you’re choosing a two-wheeler loan, you can fix the budget for how many EMIs you can afford monthly.

2- look For Model And Size

Are you fond of sporty looks or want to go with the smooth trendy scooter? This will help a lot in choosing the model and size of the scooter. Suzuki, Yahama, Hero, and many more offer the best-looking scooter at variable ranges in the market. Keep this factor in mind and choose the best scooter.

3- Get To Know The Brand

Purchasing a scooter is a one-time investment. The scooter you purchase should last for many years. So, you choose a brand that is well known and give you quality assurance and after-sale service.


In India, there are numerous brands that manufacture scooters such as Honda, Suzuki, TVS, HeroMoto, MotoCOrp, and Mahindra. Choosing a scooter from a reputed company will make sure you get resale value for your vehicle.

4- Check The Mileage

Mileage is the distance from which a scooter covers over one liter of fuel. As fuel prices are increasing, it is essential to check the mileage of the vehicle before purchasing it. A good scooter will give you a mileage of 35 to 40 Km per liter.

5- Weight And Height Of The Scooter

It is important to check the weight of the scooter before purchasing so you can ride comfortably. You should take the test ride of the scooter to decide if you can handle it or not.


Also, the height of the scooter is important. If the scooter height is too high, it will be quite difficult to handle.

6-  Maintenance And Services

Every scooter requires maintenance. So, before purchasing a scooter, you should inquire about the cost of regular servicing and checkups. The service center should be near your location so that you do not need to travel long distances for its services.

7-Power Of The Engine

The power of the scooter’s engine is very important. It depends on how much you wish to ride. The engine power of the scooter ranges from 125 ccs to 150 ccs, for perfect riding. If you’re planning for long-distance, then you should choose a heavy power engine. Most of the scooters are not for road-trip, but they are designed for short travel destinations.

8- Storage Capacity

Choosing a scooter with high storage capacity. Along with the scooter with 21 liters of under-seat storage, there is also a basket to hold a lot of things. The scooter with a large storage capacity helps a lot in carrying the helmet which is a must-have for all. Going shopping on a Sunday would be great with so many things that you can safely store inside your scooter.

9- Auto Start

Most people do not appreciate kick start. They like the auto start option to start the scooter. Before purchasing a scooter make sure that it has auto-start and kick start features. Both features should be present in the scooter. It is important because if the auto-start feature doesn’t work, then you can try the kick start feature to start the scooter.

10- Durability Of The Scooter

The durability of the scooter is based on how much mileage it covered. If you’re purchasing a second-hand scooter, then take a test to understand the strength and durability of the scooter. Before purchasing it, check the brake, clutches, gear, and noise if any.

11- Spare Parts Available

All launched scooters do not have spare parts available in the market. Think of this factor as so important because you never know when you might need to repair some parts after some time so what to do? Choose the brand accordingly.

These are some of the best things you should consider before purchasing a scooter. These factors will help you a lot to make the right decision before purchasing a scooter from well-known brands.

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