How to make a bow in Minecraft?
How to make a bow in Minecraft?

How to make a bow in Minecraft?


Minecraft is one of the best games, which are played widely all over the world, and people enjoy this incredible game. It has many wonderful features, which provide the best environment for players. Minecraft looks natural and people can play this game and relate to this game. There are many incredible features, which are given to players to make the game more interesting and adventurous for players. Every player needs to know “How to make a bow in Minecraft”.

In this article, we will learn about the bows in Minecraft and the method or procedure to produce a bow in Minecraft. Players have required the things to play a game with a good speed and in a beneficial way. Minecraft has many tools and weapons in it by which players can play the game and these weapons make the game interesting for players. Bows and Arrows are one of the main items which players need to play Minecraft more effectively. Both of them are the best and most helpful items for each player to play Minecraft. The use of these both items is the same as in the real world. In this article, I am going to tell you “How to make a bow in Minecraft” but you need to know first what is a bow?


What is a Bow?


A Bow in Minecraft is a weapon, which is used to shoot the arrows in Minecraft. Arrows and Bows are the main tools or weapons, which are used in Minecraft.

There are two major sorts of attacks found in Minecraft. The one attack is “Melee” which consists of Swords and Punches. The second attack in Minecraft is ranged. One method, which is used, for doing Ranged damage is a “Trident” and the second method used for doing Ranged damage is a “Bow.” The bow is very easy to create and it is one of the useful tools in Minecraft.

Bows are very useful and helpful in Minecraft and one of the main things in Minecraft, which are required to play Minecraft in a good and fast way. Bows can be used to destroy a creeper when it can blast or hit mobs afar. When Bow is used on a creeper, it avoids creepers to become violent and avoid them to attack you. If you want to know about “How to Make a Bow?” then this article is helpful and useful for you.

To create a Bow in Minecraft is too much easy and simple. There are no hardships to making a Bow in Minecraft. The bow is one of the required items to play Minecraft easily and effectively. Now hopefully your concept about a Bow will be clear and now we will learn how to make a bow in Minecraft?


How to Make a Bow in Minecraft?


Bow creation

The step, which you have required to make a Bow in Minecraft, is to open the crafting table. The crafting table is the location at which you can create a Bow easily. When you open a crafting table, you can see that it contains 3×3 crafting grids. After opening the crafting table, you have required to put three strings in the third column of the crafting grid one by one. After putting strings in the crafting grid, you have required to place one stick alongside every string, which is located in the first row and third row. Now, put a second string in the first crafting grid in the first row of constructing the table.

After placing strings and sticks, just click the bow and drag it into your own catalog.


Bow in Minecraft

Now before going to further detail about how to make a Bow in Minecraft, let me tell you something more about Bow. As you know, a Bow is a tool, which is used to attack anything from a huge distance. The bow is one of the five useful tools in Minecraft. These five useful tools in Minecraft are the sword, crossbow, trident, axe, and bow.

Commonly it can be used as one of the basic ranged weapon tools by the players. One of the major facts about bow and arrow is that they are the only tools, which can damage objects. The major reason to use a bow in Minecraft is that it can easily damage the mobs. To make a bow in Minecraft is a little hard, but you don’t need to take worry about it because I am here to tell you how to create bows in Minecraft?

Commonly you can use a simple bow 385 times and it can be easily used 385 times without losing any power.

Available Platforms

Bedrock EditionIt is available on Xbox One, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Ninetendo Switch, and Windows 10 PC’s
Play StationIt is available on PlayStation 3 and 4.
Java EditionIt is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux PC’s
Education EditionIt is available on Mac, Windows 10 PC’s, and iOs 12


Procedure to make a Bow in Minecraft

You have required some items to create a Bow in Minecraft. After collecting the required item, we will go towards the creation of a Bow in Minecraft because without these items, we cannot make a bow in Minecraft.

Required Material

You have to need to collect the required material before creating the bow in Minecraft because without them. You cannot create the Bow in Minecraft.


Material NameQuantity


To make a bow, the first thing, you have required to do, is to open the crafting table. I am telling you here, How to create a crafting table?

To create a crafting table is too much easy. You can easily create a crafting table by keeping four planks in a 2×2 grid crafting table. You have put the crafting table on the ground after creating it.

Now you have required to create the sticks to make bows in Minecraft. Sticks are also one of the most useful items in Minecraft. It is the wooden part of the Bow.


Method to create Bow in Minecraft systematically


As you need sticks to make a bow, so you can create sticks with the help of logs. You have required to gather the logs to make the sticks for the bow. You can make logs by punching a tree near you. Now place the logs on eth construction table to make planks from them. When you have the ability to collect planks from logs then you have required to place those planks on the crafting table. You have required to place a plank in the middle box of the first and second rows. To do this, it is important for the boxes to be empty otherwise, you cannot make bows.

You have required to collect string after creating the sticks for a bow. You can collect string easily in Minecraft by two different methods.

  • By Killing spider
  • By breaking cobweb


By Killing Spider

Commonly, when you kill a spider and a cave spider, they fall0-2 string when they died. The maximum number, which you have required to get from the spider, is five.

By Breaking Cobweb

It is a good opportunity for you if you want to get strings in a large amount. When you break a cobweb with a string, you can get a good number of strings in a minimum time. To find a cobweb is not too easy but it is not impossible. You can find cobwebs in mineshafts, stronghold libraries, basements, and destroyed villages. A cobweb can give you one string but when you find a cobweb, you can find many cobwebs around it. In this way, you can get a large number of cobwebs.

When you collect all the required material then we are going towards the procedure to make bows in Minecraft by using them. You have required to open your crafting table, which consists of 3×3 crafting grids. Place the collected things on the crafting table in a specific pattern.

By placing the items in constructing table in a specific pattern, you can make a bow easily. The pattern, which you have required for placing the items, is mentioned below:

Place the stick in the second box and string in the third box of the first row. Make sure the first box will be empty.

Place the stick in the first box and the string in the third box in the second row. Make sure the second box will be empty.

Place the stick in the second box and string in the third box in the third row of the crafting grid. Make sure the first box will be empty. In this way, you can easily make the bow in Minecraft.


Other methods to make Bow in Minecraft


From Skeleton and Strays:


Everyone can make a bow in Minecraft by killing the Skeleton and Strays in Minecraft. You have an 8% of chances to get Bows and Arrows by killing them. You can increase the chances of getting a bow by 1% per level of looting.

Form Trading

You can easily get the bow in Minecraft by trading. When you give two emeralds to village traders then you can easily get a bow.

By Fishing

You can also get the bow by fishing in Minecraft but it is not beneficial.

How to make a bow in Minecraft?

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