Garage Door Repair:all you need to know

Keeping a toolkit does not solve all the problems. The real task is to make those tools handy and use the correct technique and method to fix the everyday common household problems. Whether you are living in your own house, hostel, or dorm room, you may come across a few fixing issues such as tap leakage, door repair, and bulb fuse. An individual should be able to address these minor issues by themselves as these are very common. Thanks to Google and YouTube, you can learn the tips and techniques to fix such problems. One of the most common tasks is having to repair the garage door repair.

How to Repair a Garage Door?

Two things must be fixed for garage door repair to ensure a proper functional door. Firstly, the door itself and then the opener. There can be multiple factors causing the door not to operate correctly. Therefore check all the possibilities mentioned before to diagnose the root of the problem and then repair it. For garage door repair, follow the steps mentioned below.

Factor # 1: Clean the moving parts 

Often dust and rust can cause the door to get stuck and open/ close slower than the average speed. The easiest way to fix this is to clean the rollers and the pipes over which the garage door slides with concentrated household cleaners.

Factor # 2: Grease the rollers

To reduce the friction between the door and the surface, grease the rollers. Make sure not to apply too much grease or oil, causing it to drip.

Factor # 3: Tighten the hardware

Make sure that all the screws are as tight as possible. Loose screws and mechanic parts can hinder the functionality of the entire system as each component of the garage door is co-dependent on each other to function. There are two types of garage doors: For Roll Up garage door repair, view and tighten the hinges. Hinges are in the part which holds the sections of the doors together. Whereas for the Swing Up garage door, tighten the screws to the plates to which the springs are attached.

Factor # 4: Alignment of the tracks

Ensure that all the tracks are aligned on the wall are on the same height. In case the height of the tracks is not the same, simply loosen the screws, readjust and tighten them again.

Factor # 5: Check the Door Springs

The springs are responsible for moving the door up and down. A certain amount of weight is added on one side of the spring to pull the door down and relieve that weight to pull back up. After some time, the springs may lose their consistency and resiliency, which helps to open the door. Hence, replace them with new springs of the same size if the springs are worn-out.

Repairing or replacing the Garage Door Opener

An opener is a motor door opener that aids in sliding the door through the open to close position and vice versa. The majority of the garage doors have automatic, electronic, sensor, or radio remote control openers. Therefore, you may also have to check the opener for garage door repair. In most cases, if the opener is affected, the responsible thing to do is replace the opener after you have checked if the battery or electricity connection has no problem.

The step by step guide for installing a new garage door opener is mentioned below:

Step # 1:

The utmost important factor of installing the opener is to figure out the correct spot to fix it. Use a measuring tape and a marker to deduce the right location before attaching the opener to the door. Using the marker, draw a short vertical line on the door side facing the inside of the garage, in the exact center such that the distance between the left and right ends is equal. The door weight should balance when affixing the drawbar at the drawn line.

Step # 2:

After that, lift the garage door up and down and observe and mark the highest point it travels.

Step # 3:

A front-end rail will be suitable for attaching at the area where you have drawn the vertical line, as mentioned in step # 1. Attach the motor unit with the rail on the floor. If you are having trouble doing so, refer to the instructions mentioned on the kit.

Step # 4:

Attach the end part of the rail to the plank approximately two inches above the mark mentioned in step # 2.

Step # 5:

Make the holes on the plant to screw it to the door. Then attach the rail bracket to the front of the mounting plank.

Step # 6:

Attach the motor assembly to the metal brackets in the kit at the position such that when you open and close the door manually, the rail does not hinder the smooth movement of the door.

Step # 7:

Now attach the rail carriage with the drawbar and adjust the position of the rail carriage in a closed door position.

Step # 8:

Now drill the holes in the door where the drawbar mounting-screw holes are marked. Then attack the drawbar to the door by inserting and screwing the nuts as tight as possible.

Step # 9:

Then install the manual push button and the radio receiver set in the garage door opener.

Step # 10:

Using an extension chord, attach the drive assembly chord to an outlet. Make sure to check and test the working of the door so that whenever the door lifts and closes, the chord does not move causing any sort of loose connections.

Step # 11:

Once thoroughly tested, unplug and the attack the drive assembly chord to its permanent outlet.

How to hire Garage Door Repair companies?

There is a possibility that even after checking and following all the steps mentioned above, you still wind up with a broken or non-functional garage door. The solution to this problem is handing over this issue to the professionals. You have two options while choosing the right professional for the job.

1. Contact the company you purchased the garage door from

Mostly the companies that sell mechanical and electronic items have an entire department dedicated for repair. They have trained professionals who have all the knowledge regarding the items they sell. If your garage door insurance is still valid, there is a possibility you can get garage door repair or replacement without any additional cost, if the door had any malfunction.

In case, you harmed the door then you will have to pay for the repairing or exchange cost.

2. Contact the repair companies

There are many local and national level repair companies who have a trained staff that will send out their employees to your required address to fix the garage door. You can simply Google to find out the nearest and affordable repair companies around your location.

How much does a Garage Door Repair typically cost?

After some time, you might need to repair a few components of the garage door to make sure that it works smoothly. The first thing that pops up in one’s mind is that how much it would cost to repair and buy spare parts. The list below mentions the components and there relative prices.

  • Cables: The cable might break, get exposed or fired and therefore a cable would be required to the replace the existing cables. The cables cost around $150 – $200.
  • Springs: The springs play a major role in assisting the garage door to pull up, and they can get out after some time of use. The springs cost up to $50 – $100.
  • Broken glass: The entire glass panel can cost up to $75, whereas the glass only is up to $25.
  • Track Problem: The cost range to replacing and getting a new track is $125 – $250.
  • Hinges and Rollers: While the rollers and hinges cost $10 per individual piece, the cost of hiring professionals to do it can cost up to $10 – $15 additionally.
  • Circuit board: Due to overheating and variation in electricity passage the circuit board that fry and you might require to change it. It can cost around $100, including the fee to reprogram it according to the garage door you are using.
  • Misaligned sensors: If the sensor does not response to the sensory motion and closing and opening the door according, it means that the sensors in the garage door need to be replaced or repaired. The average cost of repairing the sensor by a professional can cost from $50 to $75.

Safety Concerns regarding garage door

There is a security problem with the manual garage doors is that they weigh a lot and incase of any negligence while closing the shutter, it can drop over the person beneath it, causing some major injuries. Same goes for the old rusty automatic garage doors as well. Therefore it is important to repair the door instantly if it has any issues. Furthermore, the better solution is to upgrade to the latest automatic garage door. you can visit hurawatch for more information.


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