Filmora is a series of video creation
Filmora- a YouTube video editor 

YouTube being one of the biggest platforms right now, many people want to start their journey as content creators with YouTube and succeed at their own craft. However, multiple questions arise, where should you start? What video editor should you use? Can I find one that’s free? And so on…I think Filmora video editing software is one of the best video editing software to create YouTube videos for beginners and semi-professionals.

Filmora is much more powerful than Windows Movie Maker on Windows and iMovie on Mac, and it lets you create professional YouTube videos with hundreds of presets, including filters, overlays, elements, transitions, and even combine multiple layers of effects and audio to enhance your YouTube Stories. Therefore, it is mainly recommended as the best YouTube video maker for PC and Mac.

maker for PC and Mac

What is Filmora and what distinguishes it from the others? 


Filmora is a series of video creation and editing applications developed by Wondershare. Filmora includes products for a wide range of users from beginners to intermediates. Filmora’s popular features include a timeline, preview window, and effects library that are navigated and controlled using a drag-and-drop interface.

As for video editing software, Filmora Wondershare is a better choice. A feature-rich tool lets you turn simple video clips into creative works of art with drag-and-drop editing. Filmora strikes the perfect balance between functionality and ease of use, making it ideal for most video editing professionals and beginners. Filmora comes with numerous tutorials and a much shorter learning curve than more advanced video editing software options.

The simplicity of the user interface is one of its most appealing features. The main part to use is the timeline. It fills the bottom of your screen and lets you manage all the different video clips, images, overlays, and audio that is your movies. Easily organize your videos with a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you quickly reorder, trim, and edit different media elements.



Filmora comes along with a variety of tools you can use to edit your YouTube videos amongst which some are listed down below.

Tons of video effects


Filmora 11 adds color to your video editing experience with the ultimate post-production visual utility from Boris FX Pack. The NewBlue FX plugin also comes with an amazing set of preset video templates customized by professional editors. You can also access 500 custom presets for custom videos, 100 title styles and effects, and amazing video effects.

Speed Ramping


Filmora expands its exciting set of features with a speed ramp feature that customizes the speed of keyframes in your footage. There is a range of speed variants to experiment with, depending on the specific keyframe project you’re working on. You can further design and edit your video effects with this custom feature. The software allows you to use single or multiple keyframes and includes variable speed transitions in your video editing work.

Audio edit: Speech-to-text, text-to-speech


With Filmora, users can expect a wide range of audio editing features. There are preset editing options such as Audio Ducking and Audio Visualization. The software also supports the advantage of an audio-to-text converter that can create subtitles for audio video. As with the built-in Speech-to-Text feature, you can enable Text-to-Speech effects and add script audio here.

add script audio here



Filmora offers about 18 different blending modes that you can add to your project after cropping and merging videos. Examples include: Multiply to reduce overexposure, darken to swap clips in a scene, and Linear Dodge to remove pixels. include. Masks can be used. A mode for layered clips for keyframing, image synchronization, opacity control, and more.

AI Portrait


One of the interesting additions in the latest version of Filmora is the ability to identify human elements in footage using AI technology. This utility replaces the same functionality with cool backgrounds and effects. Choose from a variety of character effects and AR stickers to make your videos come alive without being glamorous.

Green screen

Green screen

Users can easily remove the background from their videos using Filmora. The software automatically detects the main object/character and places green screen chroma key-based effects to change the background. Filmora can also be used to easily remove backgrounds from videos by simply uploading a video or photo to use as a background. Add your video to the timeline, right-click and select Green Screen. Then you can enable the chroma key and adjust the background to black or use the layers there to adjust your request. Finally, drag and drop your new background image onto the timeline to apply it to the background of your video.

Instant mode


If I want to make nice edits, but I’m pressed for time, I’d choose this feature. Working in the software’s instant mode, you have access to around 100 pre-designed templates that can be easily edited to suit your taste and requirements. Tons of special effects, transitions, and overlays give your footage an incredibly professional look.

Export options


To export the video to your computer, click the Export button and select the Local tab. Then select the format you want to export. Filmora supports various formats such as WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV, F4V, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG-2, WEBM, GIF, and MP3.

Price and Plans


You can enjoy a free trial before using paid services. This allows you to use basic features along with advanced features such as Speed ​​Ramping and 4K output. When it comes to pricing, Wondershare Filmora offers a range of options.

Annual Plan (Yearly) – $49.99

Perpetual Plan (one-time payment) – $79.99.




Filmora is a high-quality video editing tool for professional editors and beginners. It includes a simple editor interface with drag-and-drop functionality, a full list of stock media, chroma key, AI portraits, and more advanced features. The cost of using the best features can be high, but the quality of use and performance make up for it. 

Filmora- a YouTube video editor 

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