Euclid RCM Vs. Liquid EHR – Which One Is Better? 


This article will look at two leading management software solutions in the medical field, the Euclid RCM, and the LiquidEHR, and compare and contrast their benefits. The Euclid RCM is a cloud-based management software solution that serves medical practices by refining and optimizing workflow. Euclid RCM caters to medical practices of all categories, including independent practices, large hospitals, healthcare organizations, and clinical laboratories.

This software offers a wide variety of features, including eligibility testing, filing of claims, billing, payment processing, reporting, scheduling, and so on and so forth. However, perhaps its most notable feature is its administrative dashboard, through which team members can obtain information regarding claims, received payments, patient visits, breakdown of finances, and more.


Liquid EHR is another cloud-based software program that serves a broad range of features to medical practitioners. The Liquid EHR software can cater to all sorts of medical practices but keeps its focus on small and middle-sized practices. It offers medical records management, medical billing, and scheduling tools. Essentially, the Liquid EHR enables users to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. This leads to a massive return on investment and reasons to celebrate!

Read on to find out all about the key features of the above two leading management softwares, discover what makes them unique, and know what fits your business.

Key Features


Information Accessibility

The Euclid RCM software allows for medical practices to precise and comprehensive details about patient information. Not only does this pertain to their medical history, but also their date of birth and account number. The provision of such information enables doctors to provide improved patient care. Furthermore, Euclid RCM also lets users create export generated reports in Excel by retrieving information such as check numbers and post dates, etc.


With the Liquid EHR, users can access patient information even quicker, without compromising on the details and precision.


Both the software solutions offer the facility of seamless integration with all kinds of third-party EHR softwares, programs, and tools. The Liquid EHR can integrate a variety of tools such as e-prescribing compliance checks and lab integration. The Euclid RCM, on the other hand, provides integration with tools that allow claims to be transferred to insurance carriers, as well as others. For further information on the specific integration softwares they support, you might want to head to the respective websites and find out.

Integration can dramatically increase the productivity of any business, and both these softwares provide you with sound quality of integration.


Customer Service

Liquid EHR software comes with an impressive customer service system that is determine, patient and attentive. Users have cited the customer service to be one of its kind in that it goes out of its way to resolve the concerns raised.

Quick to respond, the Euclid RCM’s customer service knows exactly how to keep customers happy. Its updates are regular, and any glitches that might pop up are resolved well in time. The development team is always at work, bringing about the necessary improvements and enhancements.

A medical software can never be complete without a solid customer service and development team, and Euclid RCM and Liquid EHR have both.




Euclid RCM

Euclid RCM software has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, which explains the software’s popularity in the market. Reviewers have cited ease of use as one of the program’s most notable qualities. In ease of use, users have referred to the responsiveness of the customer service as one of the major reasons. However, everything great comes with its drawbacks. The drawbacks of the Euclid RCM software, as cited by reviewers, include glitches such as insurance credits that can be improved and made faster. Some reviews have also suggested bringing in a dashboard for the parent account. Overall, Euclid RCM’s pros far outweigh its cons.

Liquid EHR 

As for the Liquid EHR reviews, the variation of customization tools and a billing system that is straightforward and efficient have been voted in as valued features among users. Customer service is another feature touted as extremely beneficial for users. All in all, the Euclid RCM software is a user favorite! As with every software though, Liquid EHR also comes with its share of issues. Users have reported issues with the exam data section not working as efficiently as it should. There are also troubles with incorporating different financial details into the billing process.



Euclid RCM

The Euclid RCM management software offers a free trial to its users. However, it does not come with a free version. The Euclid program does not reveal its pricing details to the public. According to our research, the Euclid RCM software costs nearly the same as any average medical software. To get a pricing quote, general or customized according to your program’s unique needs, go over to the Euclid RCM website and request one!

Liquid EHR

Liquid EHR pricing starts at $199.00 a month. It does not provide a free version either, but does offer a free trial. For further details and a customized price quote, head to the Liquid EHR website.


It is always a good idea to gain deeper insight into a program before you sign up for it. A demo can help you familiarize yourself with the inner workings and detailed features of a software program. This, in turn, can make your decision making process easier for you. To get your hands on a demo, head to the Euclid RCM and Liquid EHR websites and have a look.

Our Two Cents

The only way to figure out which software program is better is by determining your organization’s unique needs and then tallying them with each software. Take your time getting to know both of the softwares, and make your choice accordingly!


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