A Guide to Apple Computer Charger and How They Can Save You Time & Money

If you are looking for a guideline about Apple computer products then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss the “Apple computer chargers.” Therefore, if you want to know everything about it then read this article carefully.

Introduction to Apple computer charger

Every electronic device needs a charger to charge its battery. Like all electronic device, Apple computer or laptops also needs a charger, which is specifically known as the Apple computer charger. Apple makes special chargers for computers or laptops that can rapidly charge your Apple laptop without any harmful effects.

If you want to charge your Apple laptop or computer like Mac then you need to connect the Apple charger, which contains a cable and an adapter to your Apple laptop. Then it rapidly charges your Apple computer or laptop.

What are the Different Types of Apple Computer Chargers and Which One Should You Buy?

If you want to buy an Apple computer or laptop charger then you should first know the model of your device. Following are models and chargers of apple laptops or computer devices. Macbook used three basic types of chargers:

  1. New Models: the newly launched models use 29W or 30W USB-C power adaptor
  2. Mac book 2009-2010: uses the 60W MagSafe power adapter which contained a connector like L shape
  3. 60W MagSafe adapter, which contained a T-shaped connector, is compatible with all other MacBook models

MacBook Air Charger 

The charger for MacBook air contains a 30W power adaptor (USB-C), a Dual USB-C power of power adaptor with 35 W power, a USB-C power adapter with 67W power, and the USB-C to MagSafe 3 cables.

  • Apple 30W USB-C adapter and USB-C charge cable (Model 2022)
  • Apple 45W MagSafe power adapter through MagSafe 2 style connector (Model 2018 and 18+)
  • 45W MagSafe Power Adapter and L-shaped connector (Model 2017)

MacBook Pro

  • 67W and 96W USB C power adapter with USB C to MagSafe 3 cable
  • 140W USV C power connector with USB C or MagSafe 3 cables (2021 Models)

How do you select the accurate charger for your laptop or mobile?

First, you should be aware of the model of the device that you have. To select the correct charger, which endorses the best quality, you should ensure that its features like voltage should match your laptop. The right charger delivers the accurate power, which is required by your device. You should also ensure that the charger cables or connectors are also well matched with your device.

When it comes to selecting the right charger then you should ensure that the selected charger gives the required voltage to your device and perform well or not. Not all the chargers work with all the output voltages. Every charger has its own features. You should remember that not all chargers could be compatible with your device. Remember that the production (Output) voltage of the charger should be well-matched with the voltage that your device accepts as input.

To find out the right charger, you should be aware of the voltage that is required for your device. To find out the required voltage, you should see the tag or label located underneath the side of your device or at the battery. You can also get this information from your previous damaged charger.

What charger does an Apple Mac use? 

Not all chargers are compatible with your device. Mac is available in several models so, you should have a charger that is compatible with it for charging it. Commonly the charger used to charge the MacBook is a USB-C-to-USB-C cable. One more charger that can be used to charge it is USB-C to MagSafe cable. If your Mac device has MagSafe 3 USB port then you can use USB-C to MagSafe 3 cables.

Are all Apple Mac Chargers the same?

As Apple, mac, or Apple computers are available in different models and introduced to different generations. Therefore, not any charger is compatible with any type of Mac model. You should use a charger that is compatible with your Mac device.

The voltage and output are changed generation-to-generation, and all the chargers are different and cannot be used for any type of Mac device. If any charger has a MagSafe connector, you can use it with your computer without any harmful effects.

How can I charge my Mac without a charger?

Charging Mac is very important because the battery is the source of power for it and when the battery is not charged, it cannot work or run its functions. If you forget your Apple charger when you are going anywhere then you should not need to be worried. You can charge your Mac without a charger by using other ways. Following are the ways that you can use when you need to charge your Mac without a charger:

  • Charge Mac with Power Bank 

The power bank is a widely used source of charging laptops or mobiles these days. It is reliable when you do not have your charger around. In addition, power banks are portable so, you can bring them anywhere with you. It is used in an emergency when you forgot your laptop charger when you are going anywhere outside then you could use your power bank to charge your laptop.

  • Charge Mac with Solar Charger 

You can also use a solar charger for charging your Mac in case when you forgot to bring your charger with you. Many solar chargers are available but not all efficiently charge your device. So always, choose a quality solar charger. You need a USB cable that is compatible with your device even if you are using a solar energy-based charger. You can find out a solar charger that is suitable for your device by searching on the internet. Ensure that a reputable manufacturer makes up the solar charger that you select for your device.

  • Charge Mac with Car Charging Socket 

You can find out a great variety of chargers that are available in the market for charging your electronic devices in cars by plugging them into the cigarette lighter in your car. Once, you have plugged the charger into the cigarette lighter, connect your device to the socket using the A or C-type USB. In addition, the 120-volt socket is available in the latest cars that you can find out in the Boot or center armrest at the back. Using this socket, you can charge your device. In case, if you forgot your charger then you can need to plug the socket into the device and keep your engine running, it will give the needed voltage to your device. In this way, you can charge your device either your mobile phone or laptop without a charger.

Can you charge a Mac with a non-Apple charger?

As apple owns MagSafe but Apple does not own a USB C-type design. It means that other manufacturer can manufacture their own USB-C type charger to charge Mac. In this way, it is possible to use another charger from another manufacturer to charge your Mac. Therefore, it is possible to charge your non-Apple charger.

Final Words 

Apple devices are popular all around the world. This article contains every type of information about “Apple computer charger.” I hope this article will be beneficial for you.

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