5 Secret Ingredients: How to Rank High on Google in 2022

Understanding Google: A Secret Success and Holy Grail of SEO


SEO (search engine optimization) is a technique that involves using search engine algorithms to improve a website’s search engine ranking. The Google algorithm is constantly being updated to provide its users with the most relevant and recent results. With each passing day, Google is proving to be one of the favorite search engines at a global level. It is a prime target for all online business websites to ensure their representation makes way on the first page of the search engine result pages (SERP) for business-oriented search queries written in the search bar. In this article, we discuss to Rank High on Google.

Google’s strength lies in its most basic yet powerful features, such as knowledge cards, knowledge panels, related questions, and relevant videos.

All of this is to facilitate the user to maximum potential and satisfy them with accurate results. In this way, Google remains the number one search engine of choice for many. SEO works on organic data and displays the same as well. Organic results refer to data that is analyzed by the ranking algorithm and determine the website’s position.


Importance of Google Ranking Factor to Get Any Website on the Top

Importance of Google Ranking

You might be wondering by now why Google ranking factors are being deliberate so much. Since they are compiled and optimized with time to display the most relevant results. Ranking on Google is determined by a process shown below.

As the image shows, there are spider bots or crawlers which crawl through the internet directory for the documents that might be relevant for the search query written. When crawled, they are added to the database and then indexed. Indexing refers to ranking the web pages added to the database based on several factors. That determine the order in which they should be displayed. This means the chances for a user to visit your page or increase your page visibility are all done through an improved google rank.

This ultimately impacts your sales, visitor-to-customer ratio, and improvement in revenue. However, the process is forever ongoing as Google continuously works on its optimization algorithm to provide a ranking based truly on quality and relevancy to the search query written.


5 Ways to Rank 1# On Google


Optimize the On-Page


There is no replacement for on-page SEO. It refers to the optimization you perform on the web content, design, tags, and titles. Every element of your webpage should be optimized by keeping the search intent in mind such as identifying the actual problem and providing authentic solutions.


Clarity is the answer.


Effective use of keywords is vital keeping in mind not to overstuff your web copy with keywords since Google is smart enough to recognize them. Lay emphasis on the word count and bring it to a minimum of 1800, give or take a hundred.


Work on the LSI


LSI (Latent semantic indexing) is the use of terms related to the content of your web page and they are used by the search engine to understand the context. These are not keywords, but they are phrases or words related to the content of your webpage and hence work for the betterment of its ranking.


Technical Factors Matter


Are you paying attention to how your website looks on a mobile?

What is the response time for the website and how optimized is the navigation for your webpage for a user?

You may now start to investigate these details as they play a vital role in improving your ranking on Google. About 90% of the time, websites do not face problems from optimization of technical aspects, but they sometimes do for some websites.


Match the Search Intent


As mentioned before as well, the problem your webpage solves must satisfy the search query your user intended to write. The intent of the user defines the results that are displayed and must be in line with them.

The search engine takes note of how the user interacts with your website or how long it stays on it. This lets it decide if you have optimized your page as per the requirement of the search query or only to be displayed on top regardless of the search query written using keywords etc.


If your page is not what the user was looking for, they will leave soon!


Reduce Your Bounce Rate


Google hates it when people land on a result page. But then go back to the search page because the webpage displayed was not what they were looking for. This works negatively for Google and hence it decreases the ranking when it repeats.

The bounce rate can be reduced when you match your display with the problem that you solve. When you are focused, the user will only be directed to you when in need to do so. And this will ultimately reduce your bounce rate.

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Given here are not all but a few of the factors that impact the ranking of the website. All of these have a unified impact on the ranking of the website and can be very easily improved and optimized.



Being on top is not necessary but consistently maintaining your position on the initial pages is important. It is vital to understand the Google algorithm and make efforts accordingly to stay on the first page. The algorithm measures the quality, relevancy, and completeness of the results required for the search query written.

The ingredients that make up a good ranking on the Google search engine page have been discussed in the article and together they help your website rank at the top. However, the optimization needs to be continued over time for the results to be the same. In such cases, you may hire an SEO expert such as Seobee to get you the quality services you’re looking for and get your website on the top.

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